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Really basic HMD right here! I'd come up with something fancier to say here, but I think we all know the drill. IP logging is off, anonymous commenting is on, comments are unscreened for the sake of full visibility but if you ask me to screen your comment(s)/our convo I can do that.

I do have a slight preference for unanon crit, for the simple fact that my main priority is making sure the people actually in-game that I play with are having fun playing with me and enjoying our threads, but I'll accept crit from anyone and won't ignore it or sneer or anything simply because someone's anonymous or using a sock account or has just been observing.

Let me know how I'm doing, if you have any concerns or questions or any feedback at all! This post will be stapled to the very top of this journal forever, so feel free to weigh in any time.
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For the record, due to my hiatusing, this is what Rachis was up to for Week 7. They didn't feel much need to interact with people, instead concentrating on staying alive, since they aren't very attached to anyone else yet.

Week 7, Day 1: Arrival, general exploring. Didn't eat or drink anything this day, but kept a fairly close eye on other people who did.

Week 7, Day 2: Still exploring. Picked up some food that evening, and a bottle of wine, but didn't drink that yet. Did start eating though. Also quietly grabbed a hunting knife.

Week 7, Day 3: Kept eating the food, but decided against the wine; definitely started staying in the lower decks at this point.

Week 7, Day 4: Horrible sounds. Very unsettled feelings. Burning lungs, coughing, and a peeling rash. They attempted to bundle up at this point and retreated into the holds with Talibah, taking a little food with them.

Week 7, Day 5: Felt sick that day, and didn't eat what little food they had (which is fine, since they didn't bring enough for the rest of the week anyway). Let Talibah have a few drops of F.F. Gebrant's Tincture of Vigour.

Week 7, Day 6: Hacking, wet coughs, more severe skin peeling, and bleeding sores. Rachis takes a dose of the Tincture of Vigour themself, and the coughing lessens (though does not stop), breathing becomes a bit easier, and the bleeding stops for the rest of the day. They do make sure to eat a bit more, and feed Talibah, and creep back up again for some water before retreating back down again.

Week 7, Day 7: Went to the medical bay long enough to get bandages, as the bleeding started again (though not as badly as the default for this day). Coughing starts to get fluid-y again late in the day. Gave Talibah a few more drops of the Tincture.

Week 8, Day 1: Woke up at 9am due to the sound of the ship hitting water again and the pipes re-filling... and then got a message from their daughter. This disoriented them badly at first.
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character info.
NAME. Rachis
SERIES. OC (Fallen London)
AGE. 30 (21 June, 1860)
STATUS. | THREE. Bandaged up; peeling and bleeding; hacking cough.
LODGINGS. Arrived | October 21, 2012 (Week 7, Day 1)
Staying | Room 124

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